DVH & Sons Gamefarm

Welcome to DVH & Sons Gamefarm of Dante V. Hinlo – 2006-2007 NGBA Back to Back Breeder of the Year


Dante Hinlo fell in love with chickens naturally.

“My father never forced me,” he swears, referring to the industry legend, Danilo Hinlo. He started helping out only in farm duties and by occasionally joining in derbies then there developed a great affection for the sport and an immense intimacy with cock rearing, and the rest as we say is history, as the legacy of the father was passed onto him.

Today people are aware that he is busy taking care of DVH Gamefarm in Bagong Silang, Salvador Benedicto. DVH and Sons Gamefarm is arguably the most beautiful farm not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world, locked away in the mountains of Negros. Dante believes that the fabled region is still one of the most prolific chicken producers in the country with its gentle climate, healthy soil, abundance of spring water and lands that easily allow for expansion.

DVH Gamefarm employs about 30 people at present. Many of them have been working for the Hinlos’ from the time they were still in Cagayan de Oro, many of which were former farmers. To make sure the farm is running like a well-oiled machine, there is a team leader for every cluster of yard boys who reports directly to the bosses. This area may have as any 4 yard boys watching it and each person is assigned a margin of 220 to 250 chickens per person.

DVH Gamefarm produces two thousand fighting cocks every season and not surprisingly, buyers come from all over the Philippines. Stags sell at seven thousand, cocks at ten thousand while breeding stocks prices are often negotiable. For him customer satisfaction is very important since it reflects on the character of their gamefarm as well as determines business in the future.

Though DVH Gamefarm has plenty of victories worth noting like Breeder of the Year from NGBA, the true achievement is passing on the great legacy of cock breeding to their clan as well as sharing it to the whole cock breeding community.